Our Story

Make learning and teaching more effective with active participation and student collaboration


SIYOT stands for Study in Your Own Time. We are a marketplace for learning and teaching online, a
place where students can gain new skills and achieve their goals by learning from experts across the
globe. Using our platform, tutors can capitalise on their expertise and experience the satisfaction of
sharing their knowledge with students around the world.

Siyot Journey

Established by industry experts with real teaching experience, anyone can achieve and progress
using SIYOT Courses.

Things that make us proud

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All services for our team of industry experts, personal training.


Total collections, quoting, enrollment, and reporting in Italian and English.


We can help you set up and manage your groups if you become our partner.

Our Team

Devon Lane
Devon Lane
Courtney Henry
Courtney Henry
Jane Cooper
Jane Cooper
Esther Howard
Esther Howard
Visual Artist